I know you Google yourself because, let’s face it, everyone does.

(Here’s the other guy above and me to the right in case you were having trouble telling us apart.)

I hadn’t Googled myself in a while and, when I did recently, I noticed this other Paul La Rosa horning in on my search results. In fact, this other guy is now the top Paul La Rosa. I’m, like, third! Hmmm….

The other Paul La Rosa is a Juilliard-trained baritone opera singer. He’s a good looking guy and we both have good singing voices. The big difference is his penchant for posing with his shirt off so he can show off his larger than life abs. He apparently does this so often that it’s become something of a thing.

Check out this headline and story about the other guy. I swear this is a real story. Well, it’s on the internet so who knows how real it is but you can look it up and Google it yourself. It’s on an opera blog called “Barihunks” and the headline and first graph are as follows:

“Paul La Rosa’s Hot Chest and Big Balls”

“There is nothing that we love more than a barihunk who likes to show off some skin, especially when they look like Paul LaRosa. Here he his showing off his hot chest and big balls. Impressive, eh?”

Well, it is impressive I guess. But I don’t want anyone to confuse us although, to be honest, that’s already happened. Because I’ve cornered the market on everything Paul La Rosa–on gmail, Twitter, Instagram etc–I sometimes get emails meant for this other guy. My favorite was the itinerary to sing in Vienna. I nearly accepted just to see if anyone could tell us apart.

I don’t think that’s possible, do you?

[P.S. My blog has a new look and I’m still getting the hang of it…hope you like it.]




  1. Paul, this story about the “other” Paul is so amusing! It made me giggle in fact. But whether you show up first in a google search of your name or not, you’ll always be the number one Paul LaRosa to me!

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